Churchill: When Britain Said No

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Mittwoch 2019-04-24
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Churchill: When Britain...
Churchill: When Britain...

Documentary covering Winston Churchill's failure to be re-elected following the Second World War. Just weeks after VE day, Britain's great war leader Winston Churchill found himself in another battle — to be elected prime minister. He was confident of victory, having led the country through the dark days of the war, however, in one of the greatest election defeats of all time, Churchill was humiliated at the polls and his Conservative party was almost annihilated. Why did his countrymen turn so vehemently on their great British bulldog? Was the rejection of Churchill a disgraceful mark of ingratitude or the most mature electoral decision ever made by a democracy? With surprising revelations from first-hand witnesses, as well as historians including Sir Max Hastings, Juliet Gardiner, Anthony Beevor and writer Dave Douglass, this programme looks at his controversial legacy and debates the weaknesses and the strengths of the man.




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